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MTV FFL Draft Recap

August 18, 2010

I traded out of the first spot to the fifth spot because I was worried that the guys I wanted in the second through fifth rounds wouldn’t be there when I selected in those respective rounds. After looking back at the draft results, I’m pretty confident I made the right decision. For starters, I’ll explain the reasons for my pick, a pick by someone else that I liked, and a pick by somone else that was puzzling or less than expected.

Round 1

My Pick: Andre Johnson – getting the top wide receiver in a PPR format was a good pick.

Nice Pick: Frank Gore – 10th overall – Mike Greenwalt – Mike stole the bulldozer four picks after his ADP suggests he should go.

Puzzling Pick: Rashard Mendenhall – sixth overall – Bryce Kujawa – Rushin’ Rashard is going nine picks later on average, plus he doesn’t catch many balls, which will hamper Kujawa’s team.

Round 2

My Pick: Roddy White – no running backs stood out to me, and my goal all along was to pair Andre with another top-tier wide receiver.

Nice Pick: Aaron Rodgers – 13th overall – Matt Kramer – A-Rod was the top scorer in this league last year, so Kramer getting him at 13 is good value.

Puzzling Pick: Shonn Greene – 17th – Blake Flota – SG didn’t catch a pass in the regular season last year, and Flota already had MJD at running back, so I think Calvin, Fitz or Wayne would’ve made a better pick for him.

Round 3

My Pick: Ryan Matthews – I needed to get a running back and Matthews impressed last night in his NFL debut. I think he can put up around 1,400 total yards and 10 TDs.

Nice Pick: Ryan Grant – 30th – Greenwalt – Mike steals another one with Ryan Grant with the last pick in the third round; Grant’s a workhorse and will give Mike a solid core of RBs.

Puzzling Pick: Matt Schaub – 24th – Flota – Two things: Schaub is a great QB but Flota needed WRs and he passed on the last four elite guys (Steve Smith squared, Boldin and Colston) and then he selected Tony Romo in the fourth round.

Round 4

My Pick: Beanie Wells – another WR would’ve been welcome here but there weren’t any around that I liked, so I opted for Beanie the Buckeye. He should get a full load of carries, especially with Leinart QBing, and he could put up 1,400 total yards.

Nice Pick: Cedric Benson – 39 – Coyn Mateer – Benson should give Coyn good value at pick 39.

Puzzling Pick: Tony Romo – 37- Flota – see above.

Round 5

My Pick: Dwayne Bowe – Somewhere over the Dwyane Bowe lies a fantasy title and I’m going all out to get it. I think Bowe will have a bounce-back year, with Matt Cassel in his second year and Charlie Weis as the O-Coordinator.

Nice Pick: Sidney Rice – 50th – Greenwalt – If Favre comes back, watch out. Greeny got another great value pick here.

Puzzling Pick: Knowshon Moreno – 48th – Kramer – He’s got a strained hamstring, and who knows how long he’ll be out.

Round 6

My Pick: Brent Celek – I wasn’t ready to draft a quarterback and had already filled my RB and WR slots so I opted to get a stud TE, something I rarely do.

Nice Pick: Hakeem Nicks – 55th- Kujawa – No picks really stood out in this round, but Nicks’ selection could pay off for Kuj. Nicks could be a top 20 WR this year.

Puzzling Pick: Vincent jackson – 60th – Eric Lyday – Again, no really bad picks this round, but V-Jax is holding out, and if he decides to come back, he’s got a suspension waiting.

Round 7

My Pick: Ronnie Brown – It was between Brown, Reggae Boosh and Jahvid Best. Brown produces when he’s healthy, so hopefully he can stay healthy for most of the season.

Nice Pick: Wes Welker – 63rd – Rubenacker – Welker’s been participating in training camp after coming off knee surgery, and if he can give Ross 75% of his numbers from the last three years he’ll be a  great pick.

Puzzling Pick: All picks in this round were good.

Round 8

My Pick: Kevin Kolb – I finally splurged on a QB. Hopefully I made the right decision. Kolb has produced when he’s played before, and he’s got tons of weapons around him.

Nice Pick: Santana Moss – 77th – Flota – Anytime you grab a team’s No. 1 wide receiver this late it’s a good pick.

Puzzling Pick: Brett Favre -79th – Coyn Mateer – Coyn took Flacco two rounds earlier…either he should’ve taken a different player here or not taken Flacco earlier.

Round 9

My Pick: Malcolm Floyd – If V-Jax continues to hold out Floyd should be the No. 1 receiver on a team that loves to throw.

Nice Pick: Arian Foster – 83rd – Rubenacker – Ben Tate’s probably out for the year, and most experts like Foster to have a breakout year…I wish I would’ve gotten him.

Puzzling Pick: Cadillac Williams – 82nd – Mateer – Tampa’s crowded backfield plus its young QB and inexperienced receiving options = a stacked box that Caddy won’t be able to drive around.

Round 10

My Pick: Santonio Holmes – Once he comes back from suspension he should be the Jets’ No. 1 receiver. I expect Sanchez will throw the ball a bit more this year, and Holmes should at least provide good value for where I got him, as a fifth wide receiver.

Nice Pick: Kellen Winslow – 91st – Greenwalt – Winslow is the Bucs’ No. 1 receiving threat, and Mike got him in the 10th round. A great value.

Puzzling Pick: LaDainian Tomlinson – 97th – Flota – If you look up “washed up” in the dictionary LT’s picture is right by it.


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  1. tile87 permalink

    Looks like Mike’s team is stacked. My money, for the person to win the money, is on Mike Greenwalt.

  2. rdub89wudup permalink

    im just glad to not see my name on any of the puzzling picks

  3. Travis Carello permalink

    Looks like Flota is going to have a rough year….

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