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We’re Going Polling – We let COMPUTERS determine a National Champion?

October 18, 2010

Look. Oklahoma is a pretty good football team, but it really only has one good win, a dismantling of Florida St. But yet, it is ranked No. 1 in the initial 2010 BCS rankings. OU is ranked third in both the coaches’ and AP poll, behind an Oregon team that has run over every team they’ve played, and Boise St., a team with two high-quality wins. But yet, OU is ranked No. 1 in the initial 2010 BCS rankings because a few computers have a formula that says Oklahoma is the best team in the country.

Rarely does the initial No. 1 make it to the championship game, and I see that pattern holding steady this year. OU could fall as soon as this Saturday at Mizzou, and a showdown against a really good Oklahoma St. team on Thanksgiving weekend will be a tough test for the Sooners. Plus they’ll have to win the Big 12 Championship game to get into the BCS Championship.

Onto the poll.

  1. Boise St.
  2. Oregon
  3. TCU
  4. Auburn
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Alabama – The first one-loss team, they go ahead of LSU, Utah and Michigan St. I think they’re just better than those three teams.
  7. LSU – Could the winner of Auburn/LSU move to No. 1 next week? I think so.
  8. Michigan St. – Could easily end the season undefeated; only one more ranked team on its schedule.
  9. Utah
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Stanford – Buckeyes ahead of the Cardinal in the AP poll, but to me, it’s not even close: Stanford is a much better team.
  12. Ohio St.
  13. Arizona
  14. Iowa – Somehow, AP voters have forgotten that Arizona beat Iowa.
  15. Oklahoma St. – A jumbled mess starts here.
  16. Florida St.
  17. Missouri – An impressive win at Texas A&M finally gets the Tigers ranked.
  18. Nebraska – Wow, I didn’t see that loss coming. Maybe the ‘Huskers should play a team better than the Helen Keller School for the Blind before they play in conference.
  19. West Virginia
  20. Arkansas – Can’t drop a team too far for keeping it close against two top-10 teams.
  21. Texas
  22. South Carolina – After SCAR there seriously are no teams worthy of being ranked.
  23. Washington – Wins over USC and Oregon St. are nice.
  24. USC
  25. North Carolina – Seriously. I’ve seen better quality Steak at Ryan’s than the teams down this far in the rankings.

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  1. Skid-Snake permalink

    while i do agree, that OU should be somewhere around 3 to 5 in the rankings i will say that the win agaisnt texas(especially since texas beat nebraska)is pretty significant as well, that and fsu is what got them there to #1 and the shut out beat down of ISU helped. As much as i like it that OU is #1 they shouldnt be there not yet anyway

  2. tile87 permalink

    I have a couple arguments with this poll but my biggest one is that the winner or LSU/Auburn could be number one next week???? Get real. Both of those teams would get crushed by Oregon, and you don’t even have Oregon at number one. Crazy talk.

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