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Adolf Hitler somehow predicted the future of SIU basketball

November 17, 2010

I’ve been trying all night to think of something I can write about and I couldn’t come up with anything. That is, until I went on youtube and typed in “Southern Illinois University.” I scrolled down the page a bit and found this gem of a video created by dynexplact:

It won’t allow us to watch it on my blog, but just click play on the video and then click watch on youtube. You might have to dance around some pop-up jargon, but it’s well worth it. Anyways, the highlights (sic’d):

  • This is a clip from some Hitler movie with the subtitles replaced to make it look like Hitler and his officials are big SIU basketball fans.
  • Somehow, in the late 1930s or early 1940s Adolf Hitler knew that SIU would lose a game because, “He called a timeout and didn’t have any left!!!!!” or that “our boys forget how to make free throws!!!!” Both of those things actually happened yesterday morning.
  • He also says that “ESPN will never broadcast another game of ours” (probably true), and, if that’s the case, wonders how he’ll be able to watch the Salukis.
  • He takes a shot at Lowery’s recruiting skills. “Lowery hasn’t recrutied a good player yet…. they are all garbage!!!!”
  • “Look at Nick Evans!!!! the kid is clueless!!!!! and Dillard ….might as well call him apple turnover!!!!!”
  • He also attacks Lowery’s coaching skills. “I dont think Lowery could coach DUKE to a sweet 16 game!!!!”
  • “Lowery is tearing down our athletic dynasty…after everything we’ve built!!!!”

I have nothing against Chris Lowery as a person, but the last several years as an SIU basketball fan have been torturous. After six or seven straight NCAA tournament appearances and two Sweet 16 appearances, the Salukis haven’t made the big dance any of the past three years, and they’re not gonna make it this year either.

The one common denominator the past three years? Lowery. Too bad he’s signed to a ridiculous contract that should never have been proposed in the first place. Maybe once the contract comes close to expiration, Lowery will be bought-out and SIU can move on trying to get back to where they were earlier in the decade.

I and many other fans have had to watch the past three years of player defections, bad defense, a stagnant offense and pouting players who think they’re a lot better than what they really are. And even though he predicted exactly what would happen some 70 years in the past, at least Adolf Hitler didn’t have to watch it actually occur.


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