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2011 MLB Predictions

March 31, 2011

This is the space where you’ll come back to in six months and laugh. Laugh loudly and boisterously. Because I will be wrong, very wrong. Just take a look at my bracket. But I’m going to give you my best educated guess as to where the teams will finish, which I’ve already done but will put them in this post to have them all in one spot, and who will win the major awards in each division. Here we go.

American League


  1. Boston 98-64
  2. New York 91-73
  3. Tampa Bay 89-75
  4. Baltimore 78-84
  5. Toronto 77-85


  1. Chicago 86-76 (edited from my original prediction)
  2. Detroit 84-78
  3. Minnesota 83-79
  4. Kansas City 69-93
  5. Cleveland 67-95


  1. Texas Rangers 88-74 (edited)
  2. LA Angels 83-79
  3. Oakland A’s 80-82
  4. Seattle Mariners 70-92


Carl Crawford

Cy Young

Jon Lester

Rookie of the Year

Jake McGee

Manager of the Year

Ozzie Guillen

Batting Champ

Robinson Cano

Home Run Champ

Adam Dunn

National League


  1. Atlanta 91-71
  2. Philadelphia 89-73
  3. Florida 84-78
  4. New York 74-88
  5. Washington 73-89


  1. Milwaukee 86-76
  2. St. Louis 84-78
  3. Cincinnati 82-80
  4. Chicago 81-81
  5. Houston 76-86
  6. Pittsburgh 64-98


  1. Los Angeles 89-73
  2. San Francisco 88-74
  3. Colorado 85-77
  4. Arizona 75-87
  5. San Diego 73-89


Ryan Braun

Cy Young

Clayton Kershaw

Rookie of the Year

Brandon Belt

Manager of the Year

Fredi Gonzalez

Batting Champ

Matt Holliday

Home Run Champ

Albert Pujols

Playoff Picks (AL)

ALDS: Boston over Chicago

  • Texas over New York

ALCS: Boston over Texas


NLDS: Atlanta over Milwaukee

  • Los Angeles over Philadelphia

NLCS: Los Angeles over Atlanta


Los Angeles Dodgers over Boston Red Sox in seven games.


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