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NBA Playoff Preview/Predictions

April 15, 2011

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls win in 5 over Indiana Pacers – Bulls have one of the NBA’s best players in Derrick Rose and the NBA’s best defense. Indiana might be able to pull one out at home.

Miami Heat win in 6 over Philadelphia 76ers – The Heat have the three best players in this series and won the season series 3-0. The Sixers have the advantage coaching-wise and depth-wise, but the Heat’s talent advantage will win out.

Boston Celtics win in 7 over New York Knicks – The Celtics have looked lost since the Kendrick Perkins trade, but luckily they get to play the No Defense Knicks in the first round. The Knicks will be able to win their three games because of Carmelo and Amar’e, but home-court advantage and actually playing defense will help the Celtics prevail.

Atlanta Hawks win in 6 over Orlando Magic – Maybe it’s just the homer in me, but the Hawks have actually looked good against the Magic this year. Jason Collins’ lone skill is the ability to shut down Dwight Howard, which allows for the rest of the Hawks to stay at home on the Magic’s many shooters and not give up as many open shots as they used to.

Western Conference

San Antonio Spurs win in 7 over Memphis Grizzlies – It’s unknown when Manu Ginobli will play in this series, but the Spurs are too veteran-heavy to allow the Grizzlies, who have enough talent to push the Spurs to seven games, to actually take the series.

Los Angeles Lakers win in 4 over New Orleans Hornets –  The loss of David West hurts the Hornets, but even with him the Lakers would be able to take this series in no more than five games. For the Hornets to even push it to six games, Chris Paul will have to play up to his 2008 playoff level.

Portland Blazers win in 6 over Dallas Mavericks – The Mavs’ history of playoff collapses will continue this year. The Blazers have depth, length and enough fire power to defeat the aging Mavs, whose second best player is…Jason Terry?

Oklahoma City Thunder win in 6 over Denver Nuggets – In what should be the best matchup of the first round the Thunder having two superstars compared to Denver’s zero should allow for the Thunder to win this highly entertaining series.

Conference Semi-finals

Chicago Bulls win in 5 over Atlanta Hawks

Miami Heat win in 6 over Boston Celtics

Oklahoma City Thunder win in 6 over San Antonio Spurs

Portland Blazers win in 7 over Los Angeles Lakers

Conference Finals

Miami Heat win in 7 over Chicago Bulls

Oklahoma City Thunder win in 6 over Portland Blazers

NBA Finals

Oklahoma City Thunder win in 7 over Miami Heat – Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka make life miserable for Chris Bosh and anytime LeBron or D-Wade drives into the lane. Russell Westbrook averages a triple double for the series.


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