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We’re Going Polling: Week 8

October 22, 2012
  1. Notre Dame – If polls were actually ordered by actual results – you know, the only things that matter – instead of preseason hype, bias and unintelligent voters, then Notre Dame would be the unanimous No. 1. Four/five quality wins led by an “SEC-level defense.”
  2. Kansas State – Same thing with K-State. Three great road wins over Oklahoma, Iowa State and West Virginia.
  3. Florida – Florida’s actually deserving of its hype. Three quality road wins AND dominating wins against LSU and South Carolina.
  4. Oregon State – Ditto here. More quality wins than Oregon, but since the Ducks are flashier and were projected to be good they still stay above Oregon State besides playing a lesser schedule.
  5. LSU – Rebounded well after the Florida loss with wins over South Carolina and at TAMU. After a rough first quarter, the Tigers rebounded to shut down the Aggies’ offense, holding Johnny Manziel to only 27 rushing yards.
  6. Oregon – After a candyland opening three weeks, the Ducks have started racking up some low-quailty wins lately.
  7. Alabama – Yes, they’ve looked very good, but who have they beat? Their best win is still over a 5-2 Big 10 team that no one would call very good.
  8. Oklahoma – After the top seven the quality of teams begins to fall dramatically. Oklahoma failed its only big test so far this year, and it’s not like Texas is that good of a win anymore.
  9. USC – Same thing with USC. Put up those stats you had last weekend against Oregon and then we’ll talk.
  10. Texas Tech – The Red Raiders have been one of the most surprising teams this year and actually deserve their high ranking.
  11. Florida State – From here on down there’s really no point to even rank anymore.
  12. Ohio State – 8-0 but no good wins and have struggled mightily lately.
  13. Stanford – Underwhelming, but the USC win is still good.
  14. Rutgers – The Knights don’t have that good of a resume, but they’ve got a stellar D (11.3 points allowed) and a real good shot at going undefeated.
  15. Ohio – Not really sure they’re the 15th best team in the county, but they beat Penn State, who’s played very well recently.
  16. Penn State
  17. Mississippi State – The Bulldogs DO NOT deserve to be ranked as high as they are. Their three conference wins are against the three worst teams in the SEC, and their best out of conference win is against…Middle Tennessee????? They’ll get smoked by Alabama this weekend and everyone will be like “Whoa Alabama how good are they? They just beat a great team!” when they really didn’t.
  18. South Carolina – They don’t deserve to be ranked this high either, because when you no-show your two biggest games you don’t get rewarded. But there’s no one else to put above them.
  19. Boise State – They’ve still got a pretty good defense?
  20. Northwestern – Lost two in a row, but both are “good” losses. They still have a couple quality wins, too.
  21. Louisiana Tech – Won 70-28 last week with 839 (!!!) yards of offense.
  22. Arizona
  23. Louisville
  24. Toledo
  25. Michigan

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